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December 14, 2020

Stay Safe Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights This Season

Hey Folks! Stephanie with AMF Electric of St. Louis here. 

If your decorating your home for the 2020 holiday season, going big is probably what you wanna do. For most people, bigger is better, especially when decorating for Christmas praise. However, decorating with electric lights can be a dangerous game if you don’t know what you’re getting into. It is (of course!) our recommendation that you consult a licensed electrician before messing about with something you’re not trained to do.

Installing Outdoor Electrical Outlets

When decorating the outside of your home, you’ll want to make use of an outdoor electrical outlet. Stay Safe! If you don’t already have an outdoor outlet installed, then it’s definitely recommended you have the modifications done by a qualified electrician.

Installing an outdoor outlet requires some knowledge of electrical basics that may or may not be foreign to you. This includes wiring knowledge, the ability to identify different electrical components , reading voltage diagrams, etc. If that sounds at all intimidating, then it may be in your best interest to  consult with someone whose job it is to handle electrical projects like this.  Contact Us! We’re always here for you.

Types of Lighting To Consider

There are a number of different lighting types you might want to install for the holiday season, and each type comes with its own specifications and electrical requirements.

  • LED lighting is efficient and versatile lighting, and isn’t too demanding on electrical providers. These lights are a great choice for decorating of any kind.
  • Fiber optic lighting allows for intricate designs and patterns that can produce fantastic light shows. However, managing these lights individually can be difficult.
  • Incandescent lighting is more old-fashioned, but a properly lit incandescent display can bring a traditional, homey feeling to your outdoor lighting setup.
  • Bubble lights are a fun, 50’s style throwback to an older generation and older sense of style. Plus, they’re making a comeback this year!
  • Icicle/snowflake lights are fun, festive celebrations of the time of year it is and the type of weather that we’re likely to see.

All of these lighting options require similar amounts of electrical power, with LED lights usually being the most efficient option. However, electrical requirements aren’t the only thing you should take into consideration when choosing what type of lighting to go with.

You should choose the lighting setup that best fits with your home decor and then focus on how to get it installed. If you have concerns about how to go about setting up your Christmas lighting safely, then give us a call.

We can assist with installing or updating a safe power source for your outdoor Christmas decorations for you.

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